Looking for the Bard

I’m at my new blog, New New Liminga Blues (click to open new window.)

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Find Me!

Henceforth, my new and favorite poems will be at the new blog titled New New Liminga Blues.

Please follow me to (and at) New New Liminga Blues by clicking the live link.

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R.I.P. Bard of Liminga, Welcome New New Liminga Blues

This blog has said all it has to say.

2008-2016, Rest In Peace.

Please visit, like, follow, bookmark, favorite, my new blog, https://newnewlimingablues.wordpress.com/

Thank you for 8 wonderful years. Into the future we go.

Did I mention please visit my new blog, https://newnewlimingablues.wordpress.com/?

Thanks again,
Ray Sharp, The Bard of Liminga

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He dreamed of three blackbirds

perched on a catenary wire

like the ages of man, clear-

eyed, beaks slightly parted

in silent, knowing laughter.


Some memories are dark stains

that never fade, that sharpen

like shadows in white light,

dreambirds. He picks a rock,

hefts it in his mind, takes aim.



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Desultory Blackbirds

You know how every so often

someone will tell you how ravens

are among the smartest animals?

As if you couldn’t tell by the way

they track your progress along the snowy road.

No one ever had to warn ravens about men.

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May you sleep

Bone-weary and

Awaken fresh enough

To endure

The reality of your life

And with the ability

To remember your dreams.

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I am wound tight.
With every tick of my heart
two hands move clockwise
around the circle of my day,
and the hands are called
Stay and Go.

There are things I don’t know:
The type of caterpillars
in the upstairs closets –
much fatter than wool moth larvae –
and whether they are hungry.
How to catch fish.
How to find peace.
How to make a clock.

There are things I think I know:
Life is precious.
Water flows downhill to the sea.
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
But there comes a time
when it doesn’t matter who’s right
if there is too much sorrow
and not enough joy
in the face of the stopped clock.

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