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For Sale: Dating Tips For Conservatives: A New Poetry Primer for a Desperate Age

by Ray Sharp

$9.95 USD


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Book for Sale :)

I’m pleased to announce my new volume of poetry is for sale at Create Space for $9.95.

The link (opens in new window):

It will be available at Amazon in a few days, same price. I get a bit more money per copy with direct sales through Create Space, but if you get free shipping with Amazon, it’s worth the wait for you.

The title, Dating Tips for Conservatives, is taken from a line in one of the poems in this collection. This is not a political book, not aimed at conservatives, or liberals, or anyone else but poetry lovers.

Please have a look (and buy one, or two, or ten)



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Looking for the Bard

I’m at my new blog, New New Liminga Blues (click to open new window.)

Please follow me there!

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Find Me!

Henceforth, my new and favorite poems will be at the new blog titled New New Liminga Blues.

Please follow me to (and at) New New Liminga Blues by clicking the live link.

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R.I.P. Bard of Liminga, Welcome New New Liminga Blues

This blog has said all it has to say.

2008-2016, Rest In Peace.

Please visit, like, follow, bookmark, favorite, my new blog,

Thank you for 8 wonderful years. Into the future we go.

Did I mention please visit my new blog,

Thanks again,
Ray Sharp, The Bard of Liminga

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He dreamed of three blackbirds

perched on a catenary wire

like the ages of man, clear-

eyed, beaks slightly parted

in silent, knowing laughter.


Some memories are dark stains

that never fade, that sharpen

like shadows in white light,

dreambirds. He picks a rock,

hefts it in his mind, takes aim.



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Desultory Blackbirds

You know how every so often

someone will tell you how ravens

are among the smartest animals?

As if you couldn’t tell by the way

they track your progress along the snowy road.

No one ever had to warn ravens about men.

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