Love Dies, Too, from Natural Causes

“Love never dies a natural death.” — Anais Nin

But it does, my dear, every day:
We sing of the knife in the back,
the lovers’ leap, the drowning in tears,

but never of simple death by exhaustion,
by hardening of the heart, by cancer
of doubt and tumors of disdain

metastasized into malignant loathing,
a heart that beats each day weaker
until you can’t detect the pulse.

A mighty old oak felled by lightning
or by the slow decay of heartwood —
dead is dead is dead.

About Ray Sharp

Poet, endurance athlete, retired public health planner
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21 Responses to Love Dies, Too, from Natural Causes

  1. Jingle says:

    thought provoking poem.
    very nicely done!

  2. slpmartin says:

    Indeed a very thought provoking poem…again so well crafted.

  3. siubhan says:

    like your clinical analogies, and the last verse which drives the point home so poignantly. very nice.

  4. Lovely use of cliches to craft a subtle and brutal honesty.

  5. jessiecarty says:

    very well done but i still think the ending feels tacked on. you had me at pulse 🙂

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  7. Doni Cifra says:

    nice rebuttal… hahaha…
    work like this –
    great is great is great.

  8. there is truth in this poem! kind of sad tho – i am in love 🙂

  9. joanny says:

    Dead is dead is dead,,, I guess the relationship is over…it happens,

    nicely done.


  10. blueplatypus says:

    I really appreciate your imagery. I do agree that the last stanza seems a little disjointed from the rest of the piece, but it’s still very nicely done.

  11. DiamondsAndDogs says:

    Excellent. Doubt is probably the single greatest cause of death for love.

    Loved this…


  12. Thomas says:

    I love this. Excellent answer to the quotation!

  13. gregbrown says:

    love the extended metaphor here. nice work.

  14. deadpoet88 says:

    So much truth…I especially liked the lines:

    “but never of simple death by exhaustion,
    by hardening of the heart, by cancer
    of doubt and tumors of disdain”

    So powerful, so meaningful! Great work!

  15. Wow! So final, 3 times as sure. Beautiful.

    You talk about death, I talk about beginning

  16. I love the extended cancer metaphor however I can’t completely agree that love does in fact die of a natural death. I do love the line “but never of simple death by exhaustion”. That rings so true. The death of love emaciates the soul, drains the energy out of the body, and like you’ve written takes a cancer effect on whatever is left of the broken heart pieces. I know someone said that the last stanza sticks out but i feel that it goes in with your very first line. It’s a natural as the death of an oak. Love, Life, Tree, all dying natural deaths. Great thinking piece.

  17. Imagina says:

    great work of metaphors, i love this 🙂

  18. slickolas says:

    this poem really touched me. i like the wording and the message here.

  19. Jingle says:

    please return favors to poets who are here,
    Happy Tuesday!

  20. ericabuys says:

    Is SO dead. Nice.

  21. frayedges says:

    Great poem. I love the your style.

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