Did you know it’s ten after seven already, she asked as she switched on the kitchen light. I was awake, barely, on the couch, but that’s another story.

Did your team win last night, she asked, feigning interest, a generosity.

They did, I mumbled, with a mixture of fatigue and nonchalance.

Well, that must make you happy, she chirped like some kind of little bird singing as it builds its nest, the kind I never know the name of. If I say sparrow, it’s probably really a junco or something. Her ornithology professor called them LBJ’s, little brown jobbies.

I’m not sure how to answer. From the opening tip-off, she is controlling the game. She has already scored a couple easy baskets before I even take the floor.

And don’t forget to get dog food, email those forms, and pay the credit card.



About Ray Sharp

Father, poet, triathlete, local public health planner
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One Response to One-on-One

  1. Such a great metaphor…and timely.

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