Grace Note

Here we are.

You gave up Paganini
for Django Reinhardt.

The years are written
in a boom-chick la pompe

Strummed at the corners
of our eyes.

We talk of friends
here and gone, of moments

Long ago, a kiss
and a day on a green lawn.

Talk as a kind of jazz manouche.
Gypsy reharmonization, a song

With a minor-key feeling.


About Ray Sharp

Father, poet, triathlete, local public health planner
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11 Responses to Grace Note

  1. Yes, there’s something so bittersweet about a minor key.

  2. Bach wrote quite a few pieces in E minor for his wife, Anna Magdalene. I love playing them. I guess I’m attracted to all things melancholy.

  3. Ray, this is a good one. Lovely way to express the bitter sweetness of things, exactly the way minor keys so poignantly do . Also, very impressed you managed to include the word manouche in the poem!

  4. brian miller says:

    fun sounds through out ray…but the last two lines steal the show for me…the gypsy reharmonization…cool….and in the minor key…two great touches….

  5. Dick Jones says:

    I love the winding together of music and language here – Gypsy jazz a reference point for conversation, all within the context of a fragment of bittersweet memory.

  6. claudia says:

    cool title and love the music references throughout…the jazz manouche.
    Gypsy reharmonization,..minor-key feeling…excellent

  7. kvennarad says:

    “boom-chick la pompe” – if that isn’t the damnedest phrase I ever saw in a poem! The King of the Manouche is, btw, prominent in my latest book. These gypsies get around (which is the whole point, I believe).

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