My bookshelves near the ceiling

library 001

library 002

library 003

library 004

library 005

library 006

library 008

library 009

library 010


About Ray Sharp

Poet, athlete, retired public health planner
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4 Responses to My bookshelves near the ceiling

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  2. Oh, this is delicious. Wendell Berry (so many!), Gary Snyder cheek to jowl with marathon running and yoga, Neruda, Glimmer Train, Puerto del Sol (I submitted to them once a long time ago and received an awesome rejection letter), Garcia Lorca, Ford, lots from Graywolf Press, running next to Naipaul, lit mags, Mary Oliver, Atwood, Whitman, Seamus Heaney, Dubus….

    So which ones do you turn to most often?

  3. Ray Sharp says:

    Well, Jilanne, I mostly read new poets and new fiction, but i believe that Neruda influences everyone writing poetry today in one way or another, either by emulation or negation, whether or not they know it (most don’t.)

  4. Just remember. Ray, if they fall it will be the Dewey Decibel system.

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