Beneath the lacey cumulocirrus doily
crocheted across the dawn, I am biking
east on Liminga Road toward the Canal
on my way to work, listening to Beethoven’s
Third Symphony, the Eroica, on tinny earbuds,
like watching the Grand Canyon imax film
on a 2 inch ipod screen. There is nothing
between my helmet and heaven save
the brave little clouds. They say it will not
rain today. I say they will be mistaken.

About Ray Sharp

Poet, endurance athlete, retired public health planner
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34 Responses to Eroica

  1. brian miller says:

    dude talk about triple tasking, watching a vid, listening to music and biking…ha…ah, i missed the like…ha…love how the soundtrack accentuates the experience…and if the weatherman said it, i would bet on you any day…smiles….

  2. claudia says:

    oh i love this – i’m biking to work as well – and nothing better than to listening to good music on the way (not too loud though because of the traffic sensitivity…ha..smiles) and then the rainclouds… this morning i just made it in time before the clouds broke loose (and i have an hour biking time to work.. 20 km – oy – smiles)

    • Ray Sharp says:

      20 km each way, good for you, claudia. about 7.5 k each way for me. not enough people bike commute in the States, and our roads are not so good for it sometimes. part of my work in public health is working with communities to plan their cities to be better for walking and cycling

  3. sound and the feel of the words in my mouth, lovely. Great use of device and the image of the rider gives me a rush, ecstastc. Thank you.

  4. shanyns says:

    So totally cool. Love the random thought feel of this and the intensity. Well done!

  5. Mary says:

    I know what you mean about listening to Eroica on tinny earphones. I had some good ones, and the dog destroyed them. I bought cheap tinny ones and was driven crazy by the sound. I ended up buying expensive ones again. LOVE Eroica. And the dialogue about the rain….sometimes a person just knows!!!

  6. Oloriel says:

    This created a very pleasent movie-like scene in my head, I liked it and enjoyed it very much and I must say I am also glad you were right about the rain as well 😀

  7. Tony Maude says:

    Listening to almost any music on tinny earphones sucks; listening to big orchestral pieces on them … ack. Nice capture of the moment though.

  8. Talicha J. says:

    “Third Symphony, the Eroica, on tinny earbuds,
    like watching the Grand Canyon imax film
    on a 2 inch ipod screen. ” Wow, amazing job, I loved this!

  9. Victoria says:

    You descriptions are so good, Ray, that I could hear that tinny sound (almost a sacrilege) and touch those clouds. I enjoyed this so much. Hope you didn’t have to ride home in the rain!

  10. janehewey says:

    ohmyohmy listening to music while biking… I do not have the nerve to do that. probably due to traffic… 🙂 I found this piece to be tangible and strong. I esp. like the brave little clouds playing in my mind with the doily dawn.

  11. “there is nothing between my helmet and heaven… ”

    Love the thoughts here, how they have beautifully opened my mind.

  12. aprille says:

    “crocheted” is the perfect word to describe the look of those clouds. You must have been a needle woman in an earlier life 😉

  13. Pamela says:

    So much said in such a succinct poem, Ray. Very nice.


  14. Wow! Well, you certainly hit a home run here! What an incredibly perfect analogy – Eroica on tinny earbuds compared to the IMAX Grand Canyon on a 2″ iPOD screen. Unfortunately, that has become more and more the way it goes. Excellent work!

    • Ray Sharp says:

      thank you, Toni. So much music is digital downloads played only on earbuds, i think the youngsters don’t even know what warm, dynamic music sounds like

  15. That was so exhilarating my apple does that to me too sometimes even when I’m only sitting. Love the exciting words love ya friend!

  16. I love the last line of this– we slip away on a ride and then we return to “reality” in the final words. There is a nice tight succinctness to this, easy to read but full of sentiment. ~peace, Jason

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