December Moonlight

Scooping the long driveway,
on a cold December night
when the wind’s teeth
are sharp enough to bite
through my fleece-lined jeans
and pierce my down-filled parka.

Poem ideas have drifted
deep as a week of snow
too soft to drive over
with a heavy metaphor,
ergo these verses stuck
spinning in ruts of cliché.

Out comes the moon,
almost full, blue neon
lighting the ghostly night.
I don’t say ghostly
because the light is cold
as a morgue at midnight,

Although the snow
is wind-swept smooth
over the shapes of the land
beneath like a white sheet
over the cadaverous
curves of stiffened flesh.

No, the night is ghostly
because it is lit by
the brown-ringed moon
which reminds me of you,
beautiful and remote,
looking over your shoulder.

It is a kind of déjà vu,
like we have been here
already in a past life,
pain pre-felt, inevitable,
like our lives are written
in sinuous moonshadows.


About Ray Sharp

Father, poet, triathlete, local public health planner
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5 Responses to December Moonlight

  1. A very interesting style.. narrative, almost, interspersed with stark imagery, which allows the creation of a certain ‘wistful’ mood, that makes for good reading.

  2. I’m hopelessly, haplessly lost in your magical images. Thank you.

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