Sonnet of Dark Matter

It starts with the radio story
of an inventor in New Orleans
who built an elaborate musical instrument
that turns the weather — wind,
sun, temperature, falling rain —
into electronic tones.

I am struck by the sound
of the sun descending, pulsing
like a heartbeat, slowing imperceptibly
as the day’s last light fades away,
how loss fills me with an emptiness,
how darkness is the absence of light.

How nothingness is the heaviest mass.
How it used to feel, the thrumming of your heart.

About Ray Sharp

Father, poet, triathlete, local public health planner
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2 Responses to Sonnet of Dark Matter

  1. mrsorenson says:

    Superb in language, and in development. Starting in a newsy fashion, the poem waxes emotional, then sweeps down to fearful, then in a surprising tangent off the dark, it touches on a loss, which brings it all together. Thanks.

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