Couplets, Uncoupled

Alone, and a little lonely, but not really
either, the dogs are here, Clover and Sisken.

I shaved, for no one, for myself, it feels
clean and smooth as I stroke my face.

Out to the porch in down booties, I look south
and see Orion in the moonless, cloudless sky.

Striking matches in the dark, they remind me
of a woman with red hair and blue eyes, I am

addicted to the smell of sulfur and the clarity
of the dark and the quiet and the solitude.


About Ray Sharp

Father, poet, triathlete, local public health planner
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5 Responses to Couplets, Uncoupled

  1. You are, no doubt, addicted.
    Love this poem. J

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  3. kvennarad says:

    I like this poem very much.

    That thing with your face – I’m the same about my legs. Just saying.

  4. pixieannie says:

    I think this just wrapped me in its warm embrace…sigh.

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