Haibun: May Morning

It’s the last cold morning of spring, frosty, because of an absence of clouds to hold the warmth of yesterday. The clear, cold night promises a warm, sunny day. This is the time of transition, when we wake to what lies before us, when the ground and air lag behind the course of the sun and the blue of the May sky. The day is lazing east to south to west toward balmy.

Frosty morning, sunny day, starry night, but never a moony night. The frost and stars are diffuse, not singular, and even the sun is sensed indirectly, by the suffusion of yellow light, but the moon is something we can focus on directly, more horse than horseflies.


ephemeral as
frost on a horse’s whiskers
this sunny morning

About Ray Sharp

Poet, athlete, retired public health planner
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