Approximating Joy

The wind is whipping up waves on the lake
and rippling through the tall green grasses
like the breath of the living Earth and yet

isn’t it the same breath that flagellates
the fluorescent pink PVC caution tape tied
to the 1X1 pine stick that marks the way

to be dug for the new road? We imitate
the motions of living, its patterns, rhythms,
the sweep of limb and curve of mouth

approximating joy by the distant look of it
even as the ground beneath us shudders
under the weight of the approaching crawler.

About Ray Sharp

Poet, endurance athlete, retired public health planner
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8 Responses to Approximating Joy

  1. The Originals says:

    Beautiful words…

  2. nananoyz says:

    Astute observations set to poetry. Well done!

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