Of the Impossibility of Becoming a Swift…

Of the Impossibility of Becoming a Swift
is also the title of a poem
I have yet to write
but today it would be easier to write
After the Long Summer of Our Discontent
except for the fact
that I already wrote it five years ago
(see also: Einstein’s definition of insanity)
much as I conceived to write
a book of poems titled
Love and Other Calamities
only to discover
Rilke already wrote
Rilke on Love and Other Difficulties
which caused me to wonder
among other things
about what’s lost in translation
and whether he named himself in the title
or if that happened posthumously
which leads to the inevitable question
of will they read me after I’ve died,
and yet, here in the present tense,
I am imagining myself
among the most aerial of birds
with wings swept back like a boomerang
but a man might as well
try to become a god.

About Ray Sharp

Father, poet, triathlete, local public health planner
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