The Peace of Dogs

It’s the most beautiful day ever
because it is warm, but not hot,
breezy, but not  windy, a perfect-
ly ordinary and precious day for
August only it’s October and so
we share this gift together, Clover
and I, and Sisken makes three,
and there is no telling if we’ll ever
have another day like this one,
Clover resting more comfortably
today on her doggy bed in the shade
and I by her side here on the grass
fringe of the driveway, a can of beer
and a view of two aspens waving
beneath the blue autumn sky
patched with slow drifting clouds
you barely notice as they morph
into new versions of themselves
beyond recognition and are gone
with the calling vees of geese.

About Ray Sharp

Poet, athlete, retired public health planner
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4 Responses to The Peace of Dogs

  1. sensing the changes that are a constant part of life – and wondering about Clover…

  2. Ah – I could feel it in your words – she will be in peace now – remember take care of yourself

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