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Into the first cool morning of late summer, fog rose from the warmth of the beaver pond like breath on the perfect blue mirror of sky.

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Looking for Signs in the Sky

Saturday, noon to 5:00: West wind strong and gusting, blasting around hills and pine plantations, striking at acute angles, aerodynamics. What’s lost to wind and hills you never fully regain. Sunday, 9:35 a.m.: Calm and clear, bright blue sky with … Continue reading

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Winter Night Sonnet

How many winter nights I had flown with the ravens between snow and starfield to alight on a pine branch and roost with black feathers puffed to the cold and shining But I never dreamt of mice tunneling beneath the … Continue reading

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The Cranes Arrive in Snow

The cranes — so loud! — are back two weeks late yet still too early for this spring so slow in stirring. I worry over what they’ll eat — Snow fleas? Maybe some tadpoles and minnows where the stream is … Continue reading

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