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Light Song

A handsome red winged blackbird Is perched upon a wire. He’s cloaked in coal black feathers And his shoulder glows red fire.   A sliver trout is swimming up A winding sun kissed stream. Her scales all catch the holy … Continue reading

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Murder Ballad

This poem was published at voxpoetica.com for a prompt called “finery” The Ballad of Anna Leigh By Ray Sharp   I drove the wagon into town A hot and dusty ride Then whoa’d the horses and jumped down I’d come … Continue reading

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I rarely do this, but here’s a poem way better than I can manage myself tonight. It’s a demo of Blue by Lucinda Williams, just guitar and voice, for the Essence album, circa 2000. The slide show is annoying. Just … Continue reading

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Spring Melody

The summertime birds are back, the ones who breed in the northland. All day I heard the white-throated sparrow sing old man, peabody-peabody-peabody. In the field guide, they say it pure sweet, canada-canada-canada. Like iambic pentameter or a Limerick, always … Continue reading

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your silvery beams will bring love dreams

moon mo                                              on mo                                by                                 on mo                                                                                 on mo                                            the                                           on mo                                                                                                     on mo                                                  light                                                 on mo                                                                                                              on mo                                                      of                                                       on mo                                                                                                                 on mo                                                      the                                                      on mo                                                                                                               on mo                                                                                                             on mo                                                                                                        on mo                                                                                                  on mo                                                                                         on mo                                  silvery                                  on mo                                                                 … Continue reading

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