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Here I was, reading about Galileo, his gradual realization that physical laws are the same in all inertial systems, and thinking to myself, this is relativity, 300 years before Einstein, and suddenly wishing you were here to tell about it, … Continue reading

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Summer Twilight

The clouds swim the skystream, purplebellied, whitefinned. We are pale creatures beside crows and ravens, naked among mosquitoes and truthseekers. I cover you in flowers, brush the tangles from your golden hair. We while away the hours as honeybees buzz us … Continue reading

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haiku 13.60: summer nights

in summer I sleep underneath open windows so my dreams can fly

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Like Mothman

It’s a short night in mid-June when you see both last and first light through the windshield but a good one when you don’t hit a deer. On the all-night radio they said maybe Mothman appeared in West Virginia for … Continue reading

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